The Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) wishes to state categorically that the only time the Association was involved in the transfer of Emmanuel Mbola was when Mining Rangers FC wrote to FAZ in 2009 requesting issuance of an International Transfer Certificate (ITC). As requested by the team, FAZ issued the ITC to the Football Federation of Armenia (FFA) in favour of Pyunik FC. This is standard procedure worldwide.

The next time FAZ got involved was after the 2010 Orange Africa Cup finals in Angola when Mining Rangers, again, approached Football House that Pyunik had abrogated various clauses of the FIFA Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players and the FIFA Manual on the Players’ Status and Disciplinary Matters. Mining wrote to FAZ outlining that Pyunik had abrogated the agreement by:

? Issuing a full professional contract to a minor and not adhering to certain conditions as established by FIFA on the treatment of the player. These included:
o Renting a minor a flat when he should have been staying with a family

? Pyunik not putting Mbola in school as demanded and required under regulations governing the Status and Transfer of Players.
? Pyunik did not give Mbola any vocational training as required by the FIFA regulations

On account of these facts, FAZ wrote to FIFA seeking guidance on the abrogation of the Regulations governing the status and transfer of players.

We still await FIFA guidance on this matter.

As far as FAZ is concerned and notwithstanding the ruling by FIFA, the transfer of Mbola is held by the FFA in respect of Pyunik FC. If Pyunik have decided to have Mbola play for TP Mazembe, then it’s entirely up to the Armenian federation and the Fecofa, the Fédération Congolaise de Football-Association (DRC). This process shows how transfers are handled here and everywhere. Regulations and procedures are already set and contained in FIFA manuals, books and even online.

In the FIFA TMS, it is indicated that FAZ issued an ITC for Mbola to Armenia and that Mining were paid a certain amount of money on dates and receipts indicated in the system. Infact the transfer of Mbola is one of the first transfer cases to be recorded in the TMS under Zambia by FIFA. The others are those of Nchimunya Mweetwa, Christopher Musonda and Stephen Kunda.

We therefore need to note that if there has been any agreement between Mining Rangers and TP Mazembe, it’s not known to us as FAZ and Mr. Elijah Chileshe – the owner of Mining Rangers – is right to say that FAZ is not involved because we’re not signatory to any agreement and international and FIFA regulations cannot allow that.

Our authority in international transfer systems comes in when issuing or giving an ITC. Everything clubs, players and their agents and managers do is not known to us. Again, this is standard procedure worldwide.

And in Mbola’s case, we do not even have jurisdiction whatsoever as his ITC is held by the Football Federation of Armenia.

For those who want to bring FAZ into this matter by claiming there is Association involvement, let them debate from an informed position and bring out facts as they should be. We should not peddle figments of our imagination and mere speculation. Let them discuss facts as they are.

We are sick and tired of being peddled in speculative stories which are borne out of the ignorance of the rules and regulations of FIFA that govern player status, transfers and related matters. If you understand these rules and regulations, you will know where FAZ jurisdiction begins and ends.

Everything about transfers is laid down on procedures to be followed.

We shall not comment on this matter anymore and anyone with questions or issues on it, the best person to talk to or respond is Mining Rangers and the player himself.

The matter is not in FAZ jurisdiction.

Our jurisdiction and interest comes when the player is with the Zambia National Team only.