In announcing the redeployment of the Zambia CHAN/Development Team coach George Lwandamina to the FAZ Technical Department last week, we also informed the nation that we had accelerated the process of appointing a new and full-time coach of the Chipolopolo – the Zambia National Team.

We said that in looking for the new full-time Chipolopolo trainer, FAZ will use this period of the 2010 FIFA World Cup to head-hunt for a coach to take-over from where Herve Renard left off. That did not translate into saying FAZ will announce a new coach by the time the final match of the World Cup is played. We can do that before or even after the World Cup.

The important thing to note is that the ExCo will use this period to accelerate the process and that the mission will be done in the best interest of the game, the Chipolopolo and above all our beloved motherland.

The ExCo, in its meeting decided that the process of engagement of the new Chipolopolo coach be accelerated and the process of head-hunting employed for that assignment.

Headhunting is one of the processes of many and we decided on it because it stands out and has proved results here and the world-over. It is a very open and transparent process and FAZ will see to it that we get the best man for the job.

Just to share in this process and enlighten commentators that may not understand it; Headhunting is a method that is used worldwide, and successfully so. It is an open and very transparent process that gives the best results and assures for successful implementation of programmes that would be assigned to the appointed personnel using the process.

Using the process of headhunting does not necessarily imply that we will not even look at the applications we received soon after the departure of Herve Renard. It gives you latitude to look at potential candidates including those that may not have applied but are well positioned and qualified for the job.

In other simple terms, headhunting is simply a business transitive verb to recruit, or attempt to recruit, an executive, a professional or highly valued employee (in this instance the coach of the Chipolopolo) to fill a position in another enterprise or organization (FAZ/Zambia National Team). It is an approach of finding and attracting the best experienced person with the required skills set, capabilities, proficiency and dedication to carry out the assignment/tasks and other functionaries of the office in question. It is important to understand this so that when we debate issues, we do so from an informed position.

The fans nation should therefore be rest assured that the best man for the job will be picked and should we have any new developments over the coming days and week, we will share with you and indeed the nation.

For now there isn’t any preferred name of coach who has been offered a hefty or very lucrative package as erroneously reported in some media. Consultations with various stakeholders will continue and FAZ will issue appropriate statements as and when we can.