GBFC VS. ZESCO FOR K5000 ONLY – Wednesday, March 03, 2010
The Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) has drastically reduced gate charges for the 2010 Samuel Zoom Ndlovu Charity Shield final match between Green Buffaloes and Zesco United to allow thousands of fans witness the first final of the new season.

Charges for the game scheduled for Nkoloma Stadium have been pegged at K5000 all round. The VIP section of the stadium which has a capacity of 450 is going for K20,000 per seat.

FAZ Spokesperson Erick Mwanza told that “The game will kick off at 15:00hours and the gate charges have pegged such that it is very affordable for all fans to get to the stadium and watch the game.”

“This is an important match not only that it is the first silverware of the season but is a special time that the Football Association of Zambia dedicates from proceeds of an entire game to charity,” Mwanza said adding that “By paying the gate charges, fans have a great opportunity and privilege to give to charity in a grand fashion. You go into the stadium to watch a very competitive and exciting match and at the same time, give to a noble cause”

“Traditional, proceeds from the charity shield are handed over to the Patron of FAZ who in turn donates the same to a choice of his choosing.

It’s time for all fans to enjoy the rarity of putting some money in the hands of the President of the Republic of Zambia so that he can pass that to people who need help or some form of assistance to uplift their lives. It is not every day that people give in this manner.

So we would like to appeal to the entire football community to turn up in large numbers so that we enjoy the start of the season and at the same time make a contribution to assist the less privileged in our country,” Mwanza said.

Charity Shield final set for Nkoloma
GBFC vs. Zesco United
Nkoloma Stadium, Lusaka
Saturday 6 March 2010
Kick Off: 15:00hours
Grand Stand – K20,000
open Wing – K5000