I’M VERY HAPPY IN ZAMBIA BUT… – RENARD – Wednesday, February 03, 2010
Chipolopolo coach Herve Renard says he is very happy in Zambia and would like to stay longer in his job but added that the opportunity of coaching a team at the 2010 FIFA World Cup finals was alluring.

The French born coach was however quick to state that even if he received any concrete offers, he would have to consult FAZ President Kalusha Bwalya on the way forward because of what he called the FAZ chief’s professionalism, leadership of the game and support of the Chipolopolo.

Addressing the media at Football House in Lusaka, Renard said money would not be the determinant for him staying in Lusaka but that just addressing a number of issues in his work related issues.

“I’m very happy in Zambia. Why shouldn’t I stay in Zambia? There’re some things we need to improve – it’s not just the money but other things. I’ve got a lot of offers, some of them with huge financial rewards such as the one I got from Dubai but I’ve turned them down because for me its not just the money,” Renard said adding that reports of him being approached by other countries and offered contracts were not true.

“It’s my dream that one day I can be coach of a World Cup team. I’m sorry if I disappoint anyone but that is my dream. I have two proposals from two African countries. This is a fantastic year for football because the World Cup is in Africa and when one gets a chance to be part of it, it is always going to be very difficult to refuse. But even if I was approached, I will have to discuss with the President (Kalusha) because he is very professional and I enjoy working with him. I have always had his support and he deserves special mention just like President Rupiah Banda. I have read in the newspapers about President Banda but I haven’t met him yet.”

President Banda is away attending the AU Summit in Addis Ababa. He is expected in the country soon after undergoing a medical review of his knee in South Africa.

Renard said even if he had a concrete offer from any team, the decision to go was not his alone.

“I have a contract with FAZ up to May 2010 so even if I had an offer, I have to discuss with President Kalusha on the way forward. We enjoyed the Africa Cup and I think we have great players going into the future. I’m very happy in Zambia,” said the Fox, as the French born coach’s name translates.

He said he would remain committed to honouring his contract and stated his ambition to be coach of one of the so called great teams in Africa.

“I have a lot of confidence in myself. That is why one day I will be coach of a very big team in Africa,” he said. “Before the Africa Cup, there was a report of someone wanting to send me on leave but I remained confident with a lot of support from Kalusha. He is great and professional. He gave us a lot of confidence going into Angola. He believed in us and now all the people are impressed with the team. Nobody is condemning Jacob Mulenga or attacking the team anymore. But for those who planned to change my technical staff, I will not forget. I’m sure they had a good fight with Kalusha who has always supported me but he is professional,” Renard said.

Renard led the Chipolopolo to an impressive quarter-final at the 27th Orange Africa Cup of Nations last month. Since the Nations Cup, he has been at the centre of a media frenzy and linked to many countries and clubs interested in his services.