COACH RENARD TALKS TOUGH – Tuesday, January 19, 2010
Chipolopolo trainer Herve Renard did not take kindly to his squad’s result against Cameroon, telling his players to make good in training by putting in their best to ensure that a victory against Gabon is attained for the Chipolopolo to progress to the next round.

After the usual post-match formalities at the Estadio Nacional Tundavala, Renard reserved his tongue for the morning after the match.

“We didn’t get the result against Cameroon but we must keep our heads high. There’s no need to be low. What I demand now is hard work. If there’s anyone in here who cannot fight for every ball, fight for the team and run until we get the result against Gabon, you can ask the manager to make arrangements for you to fly to Lusaka and leave the squad that will work hard to go to Benguela,” Renard said.

“We didn’t get what we wanted from the game but we just need a point to get the qualification. We are going out there to get it.”

The players responded with a positive attitude and took the coach’s challenge to put the Cameroon result behind them.