Faz switches to computer based ticket sales

The Football Association of Zambia (Faz) has announced that it has switched to computer based ticket sales in line with modern trends in football and a resolve to implement measures aimed at improving accountability and transparency.

Faz president Andrew Kamanga told that the new mode of ticketing which was used for the Africa Cup of qualifier with Kenya, would also be used for the upcoming Fifa World Cup qualifier with Nigeria.

Kamanga stated that in order for fans to appreciate the system, advertising and marketing of the Nigeria match scheduled for October 9 would start a month early.

“The Kenya match last Sunday was the historic first where fans had to purchase tickets through Shoprite stalls countrywide and it is expected this mode of ticket sales shall be used for the upcoming crucial World Cup qualifier against Nigeria on October 9 in Ndola,” said Kamanga.

“In this regard, the advertising and marketing of the Nigeria game will commence this weekend to allow fans to have an appreciation of this new measure.

“We have began to implement measures aimed at maximising revenue for Faz. We identified ticket sales as one area that was used to siphon funds from the Association,” he said.

Kamanga observed that in the past fans queued up for manual tickets at points of sell which resulted in stampedes and a few getting injured in the process.

“During those dark days, the lowly priced tickets were said to be sold out even before fans bought any. Later, the lowly priced tickets emerged on the black market highly inflated in price,” he said.

“So in order to avoid unscrupulous activities, the FAZ executive resolved to sell the tickets through Shoprite. In fact, we advertised in the media for the Kenya match. We need fans to support this venture by buying tickets in an atmosphere that eliminates any impropriety and avoids a stampede.”

And Kamanga has urged fans not to be swayed by people with known motives of trying to destabilise him including organising thugs to clobber him.

“As you can see with computer ticketing, we are steadily implementing our ideas some of the new ideas we promised in the campaigns . There is resistance in some circles because we are plugging the sources of income from unscrupulous activities.

“But trust me, in a few years time, these things shall bear fruit and everybody shall be happy,” Kamanga said.